Q. Is a face-to-face meeting essential?

No. It can all be done online or over the phone. However, if you would like me to take a brief from you in person, this is of course, fine.

Q.  What is your working process?

1. We have a chinwag and you tell me what you need.

2. I’ll take you through my project planner. Don’t worry, we can do this together in person or over the phone. This is to make sure I have all the information I need.

3. I give you a quote. This will be a total price, which only changes if the brief does. I will also give you a starting date for the writing and discuss any deadlines you have.

4. Once we've reached an agreement on price, I'll email a letter of agreement to you. This letter will detail the work to be commissioned, start and completion dates, price and my terms and conditions.

5. Signing this letter will be confirmation that you wish for me to proceed (a quick e-mail confirming you've read the letter of agreement and you're ready to go ahead is fine).

6. I begin writing the first draft on the agreed date.

7. Unless I need extra information, I won't bombard you with endless phone calls and questions. I generally just get on with it and then deliver the files on time.

Q. How much do you charge?

Copywriting jobs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are straightforward, others take a little more time.

This variety makes copywriting fun, but it’s also the reason why I don’t have a set price list. Instead, I’ll talk to you beforehand about word count, how long the project will take and how much research is involved. This will enable me to give you an accurate price, which we will both agree on before I commence work. So, there are never any nasty surprises!

I can work to a day rate, or I can give you a cost per project.

Q. Do I have to pay anything up front?


Q. Will I be given a timeline?

Yes. I will tell you when I will start the job and give you an estimated completion date. In the very unlikely event of a delay, I will let you know.

Q. What if I don't like the copywriting?

This is extremely rare as I always take a thorough brief. But if this does happen, I'll write a second draft. This can be a complete rewrite or just your required changes. There are usually a few amends but  I'll make sure the final draft is something we are both completely happy with.

Q. How do you send the work?

As a word document via e-mail attachment or via We Transfer for bigger files.

Q. What about invoicing and payment?

If you haven't requested a second draft or any amends, I will invoice immediately afterwards. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. After 30 days, interest and debt recovery costs are chargeable in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Acts 1998 as amended and supplemented by Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

Acceptable payment methods are PayPal or direct bank transfer as detailed on the invoice document.

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