With over 10 years experience in a sales, sponsorship and promotions, creative and voiceover capacity for Global, Bauer and The Wireless Group, I have a wealth of radio knowledge and experience.

Grasshopper Coaches

Client: Grasshopper Coaches

Length: 40 seconds    

SFX1:        Gaggle of girls excitedly leaving the house singing a theme tune from a famous musical.

SFX2:      Door slams.

SFX3:      Phone ringing.

Dave:       Hello?

John:       Dave, its John. The birds have flown the nest. We have full football clearance, I repeat…

Dave:       Eh?

John:       The Mrs and her mates have gone to London. Football. Telly. Now!

Dave:      Magic! You been splashing your cash about John?

John:       Nah! Grasshopper coaches Dave. They run a twice-daily return to London, for just 32 quid.

Dave:       (In shock) 32 quid?!!!

John:       Yes Dave, £32 quid!

SFX3:      Dead ringtone.

John:       Dave…Dave?

MVO1:    Book your trip to London at, today. With luxury seating and ample legroom as standard, at this price, it’s worth missing the footy for.



Caged Asylum Nightclub

Client: Caged Asylum

Length: 30 seconds  

The scene is set inside the nightclub, as one of the girls is showing an imaginary group around...

FVO1:        Sexy, Edgy, American quite sultry.

MUSIC:     Heavy, thrash guitar, quite similar to ‘the beautiful people’ by Marilyn Manson.

FVO1:        Welcome boys and girls, to the weird and wonderful night that is…Caged Asylum.

                  The soundtrack to your evening is the most raucous Metal and Rock, cranked to the max by your host Mike D.

                  Please, grab a tequila from the bar, or a vodka treble 6… if you can handle it.

                  And allow me to introduce you to Ditta, she’ll be your dancer for tonight…

Music kicks in again

MV02:        Young American, loads of attitude.

MV02:        Caged Asylum, Manchester’s hottest Metal night…with a difference.

At the Ruby Lounge every Saturday until 4am, log onto caged for details. Dress to Distress.


Dawsons Music

Client: Dawsons Music

Length: 50 seconds  

The scene is set inside a Family home, Dad downstairs, kids upstairs.

 MVO1:        Mid to late 40’s, warm but with a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice.

SFX:            Squeaky Violin being played quite badly but muffled like it’s in another room.

MVO1:         That’s my son James, playing his new violin we bought from Dawsons Music.
                   Apparently, learning an instrument is going to help him perform better at school.

SFX:             Badly played heavy drumming starts over the top of the violin, but again, muffled like it’s in another room.

MVO1:          Ah, that’s Angela, my daughter. She wanted a drum kit. Luckily for us, Dawsons has a
huge range of instruments on offer, and really helpful staff to help us decide the right instruments for our children…

SFX:             Racket getting louder…

MVO1:         ...a Violin…and a Drum Kit (sighs)

                     They’re back at school next week after half term…when their music lessons start!!

                     Pass the cotton wool darling…

Music kicks in, upbeat, modern.

FVO2:          Warm, friendly, upbeat.

                      For your nearest Dawsons store, log onto and find out about our back to school offers for your little angels.

                     Dawsons Music, for whatever they decide on.


Princes Tuna

Client: Princes Tuna

Length: 40 seconds    

The scene is set inside a dark and lonely kitchen cupboard.

 MVO1:      Youngish male, feeling sorry for himself, slight echo.

                  I’ve been stuck in this cupboard for months now, a lonely tin of Princes Tuna gathering dust. 

                  I’ve seen em all come and go. The smug soup, the haughty hot dogs and not so much as a Ciao from the Ravioli before he was

                  out of here and on Jack and Katie’s dinner plate. 

                 Maybe Mum has forgotten that, unlike those other tinned foods, I have no added salt or sugar and am a fantastic source of

                 Omega 3.

                 I’m really versatile too, stick me on a spud, pop me on some pasta and bobs your uncle! A quick and easy meal for a Mum

                 on the go.

SFX:         Cupboard door opening.

MVO1:      Oh wait, this might be it! What? Alphabetti Spaghetti?! You cannot be serious!

SFX:         Cupboard door closing and the tin rattling round inside the cupboard with muffled agitated voice.

MVO2:     Princes tinned Tuna, fast food for kids.