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Namaste! Brand new Ashtanga yoga class comes to Formby this September.

Ashtanga Yoga is said to be the oldest and purest form of yoga, originating directly from the source in Myesore India. This traditional practice can help with all kinds of problems from depression to back pain, insomnia to lack of energy.

But if you’re worried about keeping pace with a super fit group of yogi’s as they twist themselves into pretzel-like poses, then read on.

Andrea will show you that anyone can practice yoga. Under her skilled instruction, you’ll learn a series of poses, working through them in perfect harmony with your own breath. Andrea will be on hand to offer one-to-one personal attention and physical adjustment, making sure you learn correct technique, at your own pace. Think of it like a private class in a group environment. Join in the ‘flow’, or do your own thing. It’s entirely up to you.

As Andrea says, “If you can breathe you can do it!”

With over 1000 teaching hours under her yoga belt, you’re in safe hands with this exceptionally skilled and practiced teacher.  Back in action after baby number two, Andrea has recently moved back to her hometown of Formby after teaching in both Liverpool and Manchester.

An original hot yoga junkie, Andrea began her teaching journey in Thailand, completing her first 200 hours. It was here that she discovered and fell in love with Ashtanga yoga. Travelling back and forth to Thailand to deepen her studies with Olivier David, she met her future business partners Maiwenn Langlois and Nathalie Comas Zabala. Together they would set up 1love1heart Retreats. These luxury day, weekend and weeklong yoga retreats run all year round, right across the UK and Europe.

Andrea’s love of Ashtanga would inevitably lead her to the place it all began, in Mysore India. Over 6 months, she completed her 500 hours under Shri Sheshadri. She regularly travels back to continue her studies with Shri and has been extremely fortunate to study under Shri BNS Lyenger, taking her teaching hours to well over 1000.

Metal Monkey Yoga is completely inclusive and open to all ages and abilities. If you can’t do a pose then don’t. Andrea’s class is a judgment free zone. Looking to take your practice to the next level? Andrea will make sure each class delivers new challenges to improve your technique, posture, strength, stamina and flexibility.

As we hurtle through modern life at an ever-increasing rate, why not give this exciting new yoga class a try? Your first session is absolutely free.

And who knows? Before too long you may find yourself happily bending into the shape of a pretzel.

Where:         Formby High School, Freshfield Road. L37 3HW.

When:          Wednesdays 7.30 – 8.30pm.

How much: The first class is free. Further classes are £7.50 pp.

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Note to Editor:

For more information please contact Andrea Gatrill on 07703 035 575.

Instagram: metalmonkeyyoga

Website: www.1love1heartretreats.com

Facebook: @Metalmonkeyyoga1

Andrea Gatrill has been practicing yoga since 2009 and is fully qualified and registered to teach yoga to all ages and abilities.



49lb weight loss for winner of rm fitness challenge

Lee Cross is just one of hundreds of members at RM Fitness getting serious results from a 12 week ‘body transformation’ programme.  

Designed around vigorous bootcamp sessions, nutritional monitoring and regular feedback meetings, the ‘body transformation challenge’ is the brainchild of strength and conditioning coach and owner Russ Meadows.

After setting up his personal training and bootcamp gym 4 years ago, Russ believes he has created a quantifiable, results based programme that will see RM Fitness become one of the UK’s leading fat loss facilities.

At the start of the challenge participants body stats are measured, photographs are taken, a nutritional plan is issued and goals are set.

Over the following 3 months, clients must: -

  • Stick to a strict high protein diet and keep a closely monitored food diary.

  • Complete at least 3 bootcamp, boxfit or personal training sessions per week.

  • Check in at regular ‘Super Sunday’ seminars where customers can reflect on any challenges they may be having and get themselves back on track.

Russ strives to maintain a unique, highly motivational environment to train in. “With a radically altered attitude to nutrition and exercise, members become empowered and responsible for their own success. They believe that anything is possible.” Russ explains.

On awards night, participants come together to celebrate their achievements.  He goes on to say “They talk endlessly of the community around RM Fitness which they all agree is equally as important as the fantastic results they are achieving. “

Winners are judged not only as ‘biggest losers’, but on their  ‘before and after’ photo’s which are displayed proudly on every wall.

Challenge winner Lee says “I’m so glad I chose RM fitness when I wanted to loose weight. It was after Christmas I had put on a few pounds and felt like I really needed to get into shape. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now - it’s given me so much confidence, I’d highly recommend it.”

The results speak for themselves and the community is growing. As Wigan’s corporate gyms empty, 125 members at the last intake became the next set of inspirational stories. Russ is so confident in his business model that he offers a full refund, if, after 30 days, the customer isn’t completely satisfied with their results.

Splashed in huge letters across an entire wall, customers are reminded as they leave the gym to ‘DEMAND MORE OF YOURSELF’.  

It is this attitude that sets RM Fitness apart. It isn’t just a gym; it is a fundamental lifestyle change, which members continue long after the challenge has finished.

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Note to Editor:

Please see rmfitness.co.uk for more information and testimonials.

Russ Meadows has been in the industry for 13 years after completing his degree in Sports Science.

After University he started Personal Training and quickly earned a reputation that lead him to train international level athletes from rugby league, wrestling and cage fighting backgrounds.

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