creative and communications copywriter

When you can’t find the right words to engage, inspire and motivate your audience, I can help.

I'll provide you with innovative, compelling copy that reads well, ranks well and works. Use targeted content to connect with your customer. Get to know them and what makes them tick. Push their buttons, capture their imagination and solve their problems.

I'm on a crusade for that one great idea. I believe in the power of short, sharp, engaging copy. I understand the importance of innovative, problem-solving content.

Hiring a professional copywriter like me will ensure you strike the perfect balance between telling an honest and compelling story and encouraging your customers to a swift and confident move to action.

Based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, I write content across digital, print, press, radio, video and social media platforms. I'll take the time and trouble to understand your market, temper the tone of voice to best engage your customers, advise you on the best kind of publicity for your business, and then I’ll produce it for you.

I've written long and short copy for a variety of clients - TV production companies, creative agencies, leisure, IT, education, corporate learning and development, coaching, fitness, white goods, fashion, retail, energy, recruitment, construction, pharmaceutical, solicitors and financial services to name a few. Please check out my portfolio for examples.

Let me help you with...

  • SEO web content

  • Radio scripts


  • blog content

  • SEO articles

  • Concepts

  • Social media marketing

  • press and outdoor advertising

  • Direct mail letters

  • Leaflets and brochures

  • Press releases

  • Print and e-mail newsletters

...and more.

Lets talk! call 07834 818 419 or get in touch today to find out how great copywriting can work wonders for your business.