you’ve had a listen to my reels, read my bio, checked out my home studio and you’d like to hire me for your next project. Great!


Now what?

Working with me is easy. If you have the script ready and you’d like to hear how it might sound with my voice, email over a paragraph or two and I’ll provide a short demo from my home studio, free of charge.

If you’re happy with the demo, let’s have a quick chat over the phone about pronunciation, pace and tone.


As a professional Voiceover Artist, when pricing up a project, I use the Gravy for the Brain UK Rate Guide as a starting point. The guide was set up to protect rates for industry professionals. It includes the published agreed rates of the British Actors Union Equity

There is however, always flexibility. If you’re a new customer or have multiple projects, let’s have a chat and take it from there.

The Session

It’s time for the session! You can either listen in and direct live via ISDN, ipDTL (there’s a quick link on my homepage), Source Connect or Zoom, or you can get on with your day and I’ll self-direct the project from my home studio.

Once I’ve recorded and then meticulously edited the recording, I’ll send you the broadcast quality wav, mp3 or aif file (depending on your preference), via WeTransfer, so as not to clog up your inbox with big files.

pick up's and script changes

If something isn’t quite right with regard to pronunciation, pace, tone or interpretation and we’ve already talked about it, I’m more than happy to re-record any pick-ups for you, free of charge.

If any changes are made to the script after I’ve accepted the final version and made the recording, these changes are chargeable.


After you’ve given me the thumbs up and you’re completely happy with the service I’ve provided, I’ll send you my invoice. Payment is due within 30 days please.

And that’s it!

It would be great if you could send me a copy of the finished project for my files and if it’s really super duper, your permission to include it in one of my showreels. Oh, and if you’re beaming from ear to ear, I’d be really grateful if you would head to my LinkedIn page and write a short testimonial for me. Thank-you.

Now here’s the legal stuff…

Terms and Conditions

pick up's/revisions/retakes

Upon acceptance of the final version of client copy and subsequent delivery of the recorded version, the client may request up to three (3) corrections as they relate to clarity, pronunciation, interpretation or overall narrative feel. Any technical errors or mistakes that are the fault of the author (for clarity, the artist hired by the hiring company - in this case Jenny Mac) be corrected without cost.

Script Revisions/Additional Recording

Revisions made to the accepted final copy as provided by the client, after the initial recording has been completed, where a new recording is requested, will be considered a chargeable service. 

Audition Submissions Acceptable Use

Recordings submitted to the client as an audition or proof may be used solely for the appraisal and review by those directly involved in the talent selection or proof listening process. Publishing or distribution of the submitted audition or proof for peer review, promotional or entertainment purposes should be subject to the explicit knowledge and agreement of the author, be considered as use of the author's services and be subject to payment at an appropriate rate.

Marketing and Promotion

The client agrees to provide the author with the final version of the completed project for use in marketing and promotional material in support of the author's services.

Payment Terms

Upon final agreement of the work required and client copy has been received, work will begin. Recorded files will be delivered for review. Upon client acceptance, payment is due. After 30 days, interest and debt recovery costs are chargeable in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

Acceptable payment methods are PayPal or direct bank account transfer as detailed on the invoice document. 

Upon payment of invoice

All prices quoted are pro-rata. All copyrights, intellectual property rights, broadcasts rights and any other rights associated with the author and the author's works and/or performances shall remain with the author. Upon full payment of the invoice, the following license is granted by the author for usage rights of the works as follows:

License details

The author's works may be used by the hiring company for a period of one-year, unless otherwise stated, upon which time the works shall cease to be used, or an additional usage payment (equal to the original usage payment) shall be made to the author. The author's works may only be used for the agreed product/service and on the agreed platforms/mediums detailed in the invoice line-items and not in any additional products/services in the future, unless otherwise stated. The author's works may only be used in the geographical region as specified in the invoice line-items, unless otherwise stated. If no geographical region is stated then the license specifies use in the hiring company's country of location only. The hiring company may not transfer the works, nor this license to any third parties without the written consent of the author. 

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